Will was considered the brain of his high school class.  A Speech assignment was given, “My goal is ….” When it was Will’s turn, classmates were respectfully attentive as he walked to the front and wrote “The Victory Dance” on the board.

He started with an odd question, “How many of you have seen the movie “Rocky?” Most hands raised.

“That movie was an epiphany to me,” he then paused to allow his listeners to reflect.

“The sweet romance?” Smiles by many of the girls. “Yes, niice,” he agreed, drawing out the word.

“The adrenaline rush of Rocky boxing Creed?” Deep breaths and straightened postures by some of the guys. “I liked that

Will shook his head, “I am talking about the scene that was a revelation.” Puzzled looks around the classroom.

He continued, “Remember Rocky’s exhaustion and failure to climb the steps at the end of a long run?” Listeners nodded cautiously.

“And remember when Rocky is finally able to bound up the stairs?” The room brightened.

“Then, the magic.” Will paused, threw his arms upwards, and cheered, “The dance of triumph at the top!” A mixed reception to his enthusiasm.

The teacher interrupted, “Will, your goal is . . . .”

Will showed both palms, “Wait. I’m getting there.” He took a few steps sideways, then back. “That exultation! Beyond physical sensations. I experienced being more than just a physical body.”

The few groans in the class were immediately silenced when Aaron, a smart, three-sport letterman, shouted out, “Brilliant.”
Aaron raised both arms, and exclaimed “Look! Even the thought of a celebrating a victory is hair-raising. I can feel it too.”

Will had planned to explain the concept of transcendence. But Aaron’s visual demonstration was a better illustration of the idea. Will concluded, “My goal is to explore this experience.”

The teacher saw that some in the class were deep in thought, so let the silence continue for a while.

Will made a YouTube called “The Victory Dance.” It was a compilation of athletes exulting their win. And sports fans ecstatically dancing in victory. And those in euphoric delight for non-sport accomplishments. He concluded with the simple text, “Transcendence!”

The amateurish video did not receive much acclaim, but did have a notable comment, “We are in a unique position between two realities.”

In Will’s first year at the University, he was still deciding whether a major in biophysics or philosophy would better help him examine the transcendence phenomenon. After finishing an exam early, he walked past the Performing Arts building where a dance class was in progress. There was Anna.

Will had never seen anyone so blissed out. “This girl moves with supernatural grace.” He entered and sat against the wall, watching.

After the class, he said to her, “Wow, you are really into your dance.” She replied, “Actually, I feel exterior to my dance.” Extending her hand, “My name is Anna.” Will motioned that they walk together.

At the campus pub, Will showed Anna his “Victory Dance” YouTube. She observed, “Ah, out-of-body. Same as my dance.”
Will revealed to her, “My first extra-physical realization was in a feeling exultation.” Anna replied, “Mine, when I realized that laughing is more than physical.” Will answered, “Hilarity! A gorgeous expression of transcendence.”

They became a team researching this experience. Anna discovered online, “Experiences of transcendence are associated with longitudinal waves. Also called pulse and in-line waves. These facilitate an organism to self-organize.”

The article continued, “In contrast, physical reality is composed of oscillating waves, also called sine and latitudinal waves, which dissipate. Matter is in entropy.”

That discussion made sense to Anna, “Exultation, hilarity, ecstasy, euphoria, joy, love, these have a different wave form from physical sensations.”

Anna and Will learned to distinguish longitudinal waves, “life waves” they called them, from oscillating waves, which would decay. “Even thoughts of the physical world are oscillating waves,” Anna was convinced.

Testing these ideas, their own dance evolved. Arms and attention upwards, conjuring exultation or hilarity, with spontaneous tai chi-like movements, they began feeling a resonance between transcendent longitudinal waves and their body’s oscillating waves. Will advised, “Let’s make these two wave forms more synergistic.”

They could feel the life benefits of this dance as they practiced, even lying down, particularly when waking up and before sleep.

Campus friends admired the romance of Will and Anna. Compliments often included the words “joy of life.” And “What’s your secret?” Will and Anna knew an explanation would be difficult to those still believing they are only a physical body.

Will thought it significant to find this: “Longitudinal waves and oscillating waves can be transmuted by spin. Those whose master the mechanics of this spin can enjoy expanded natural abilities.”

Will said, “Expanded natural abilities would be a welcome….” Anna completed the thought, “More important is that we learned how to be healthy and happy.”


Copyright, Bill Pfeil, March, 2019, Bang Saphan Noi, Thailand.

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