A screenplay by Bill Pfeil


(Opening scene: Theo is seated at Martin’s restaurant, watching a computer screen with earphones. Rick walks in, looks at Theo, goes over to him. Theo looks up.)

Theo: “HI Rick.”

Rick: “ Hello Theo. I liked listening to many wild science fiction discussions you had with Anthony here.”

Theo: “Did you see our ‘Consciousness-Is-God Theory’ youtube?”

Rick: “Yes. It started me thinking about science fiction stories of my own.”

Theo (looks at computer screen, then at Rick): “Any stories you’d like to share?”

Rick: “I don’t mean to interrupt your . . . (Theo turns computer screen toward Rick) . . .  American football game.”

Theo: “I can watch the replay later. Your story?”

Rick: “It is about shape-shifting.”

Theo: “Ah. Lots of story lines possible there.” (Theo gestures for Rick to sit down.)

Rick: “It is about shape-shifting to a form offering greater enjoyment.”

Theo: “Hmmm.”

Rick: “The person in my story believes that Life is Consciousness. It reincarnates in a cycle of self-replicating robots.”

Theo: “A familiar sci fi story line.”

Rick: “He believes he can experience pure Consciousness as distinguished from the robot he has identified with.”

Theo: “How?”

Rick: “By experiencing the most powerful, enlivening experience.”

Theo: “Such as?”

Rich: “Laughing.”

Theo: “Definitely enlivening. What does that do?”

Rick: “Laughing helps the character in my story become directly aware of Consciousness while in ‘his’ robot.”

Theo: “Your shape-shifting story?”

Rick: “Getting there. In the story, my character practices maximizing the feeling of laughing. He discovers that the robot body he has identified with starts becoming more organized.”

Theo: “Quite far out. Even for science fiction.”

Rick: “The story character discovers that by just recalling an extreme laugh, he can distinguish the reality of Consciousness from robot body senses.”

Theo: “Eastern philosophy duality.”

Rick: “Yes. Further, he realizes that Consciousness, which is life itself, is primary to robot senses. Superior to any satiations a robot could produce.”

Theo: “Shape-shifting?”

Rick: “OK. The robots are programmed to adapt.”

Theo: “By awareness of Consciousness?”

Rick: ”Also called Attention, Observer, Knower, Awareness, I AM.”

Theo: “Then what happens in your story?”

Rick: “He directs his robot to further intensify the feeling of laughing. To revel in it. Actively throughout the whole body. Thoughts and emotions too. He feels ‘his’ robot shape-shifting. To a form of greater enjoyment.”

Theo: “Surely love and joy are ‘powerful, enlivening experiences.’ Also helpful in directly experiencing pure Consciousness.”

Rick: “Indeed. But we are more familiar with the feeling of laughing.”

Theo: “Your story is all theory. No real life references.”

Rick: “Quite the contrary. The story is allegorical to my experience the past few years. Try focusing on extreme laughing, or just the recollection of it. You will notice profound changes in attitude and appearance.”

Theo: “So this shape-shifting story is your story?”

Rick: “And it can be the story of others too.”

* * *

Copyright © October, 2017, Bang Saphan Noi

Reference: Consciousness-Is-God Theory
Website: http://www.billpfeil.com ]

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