Love To Laugh? 
These will surely satisfy.

Tim Conway – Dentist

Leslie Nielsen – Umpire

Leslie Nielsen – President at the UN

George Carlin – baseball / football

Rap Reiplinger – Preacher Man

Rap Reiplinger – Cooking Show

A reminder on what is important

Tim Conway – Old Fireman

Nora the cat

George Carlin – euphemisms (caution, extreme profanity)

George Carlin – Religion (caution, extreme profanity)

George Carlin – fat people (caution, extreme profanity)

Fire Marshall Bill – an episode

A tribute to GaryLarson – Far Side selection

Tom and Jerry - Cat concerto:

Tom and Jerry –Solid serenade:

Tom and Jerry – Love That Pup

Victor Borge

Garrison Keillor - Lake Wobegon episode

Rodney Dangerfield on the Johnny Carson show:

George Carlin: Fear of Germs:

George Carlin's genius as speaker at National Press Club

Tom Lehrer – The Elements (well, funny at high school)

Wally Cox – There’s a tavern in a town (audio) (well, funny at grade school)


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