Bill's Travelogues...

The heavy only-work lifestyle on my Molokai farm requires occasional travels to Thailand for a healthy, balanced life.

It might be of interest to some to read my travelogues written about various experiences, social and political observations

Home base in Thailand is in Prachuap Province, west coast of Gulf of Thailand at the coconut farm of my longtime girlfriend Mee.

Select from one of the travelogues below:

Cambodia, March, '07

Burma, February, '07

Sawadee (=aloha) from Thailand. November, '06

Pattaya and Songkran, April, '06

Ma Ka Bu Cha, March, '06

Exporting from Thailand? February, '06

A Thai Vignette

Bankok, December '05

Loy Kratong, November, '05

Thai boonies, October, '05

Coconut farm, October, '04

Pictures from Prachuap Province

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