The Farm

Trees Our 50 acres in the Ag Park is located on the drier (and sunnier) leeward side of Molokai.

Water for our drip-irrigated fields comes from catchments in a windward mountain valley, through a mountain tunnel, via a reservoir, and gravity piped to our farm. So we have perhaps the best growing area in Hawaii.

Persistent NE trades make windbreaks a necessity. We plant banana trees crosswind in a row every 200 feet.

Mangos are intercropped with the papayas.

We do not use herbicides on our fields, Instead, the mowed grass clippings under the trees improve soil consistency and nutrition, and promote the necessary soil microbes, all which makes our papayas and mangos even sweeter.

We do not use any mean chemicals not consistant with organic standards.

However, the farm is not entirely organic because of papayas high nutritional needs in Hawaii's poor volcanic soil. We are building our soil conditions so we can be organic.

Molokai is known for it's iron-rich red dirt, but actually this Fe+++ form of iron cannot be
assimilated by plants which need Fe++.

Geese and guineas roam our fields, eating papaya rejects and weeds.

Bill's Farm is the sole proprietorship of Bill Pfeil

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